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Payment Options

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS PAID BY Monthly Bank or credit card Draft

Monthly payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank or credit card once per month on either the 1st or 15th.

All memberships paid with drafts are continuous. If you wish to cancel your membership, you must give us a 30 day notice by completing a termination form available at the front desk.

More information about membership drafts

Memberhips may be placed on hold for periods of time not exceeding three months. Holds start the next billing period and regular automatic payments resume after the hold period is over. Visit the front desk to complete paperwork to place your membership on hold.


3 and 6-month memberships are available. Payment can be made by cash or credit-card.


Fees may be paid in full each year. Payment can be made by cash or credit-card. You will be invoiced annually for your dues.


Due to a sharp increase in credit card processing fees, there is a $10.00 miminim charge for credit card payments. 


If your membership draft is returned due to insufficient funds, your membership will be placed on hold until payment is received. Returned ACH payments are subject to a $15.00 processing fee to cover fees the YMCA is charged by your bank. Multiple returned membership payments will result in you losing eligibility for the draft, which will require to purchase a term (3-, 6-, or one year) membership.

Financial Assistance

The YMCA recognizes the need to be available to all members of the community regardless of ability to pay. Financial assistance is available for children and people with disabilities based on household income and family size, as well as for adults and seniors with demonstrated special needs. Sponsorship applications require proof of income and are available at the front desk.

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