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Recreational volleyball league


A new season of volleyball starts Monday, March 11th and runs through to May 13th. Advanced team registration is required. Please review our the league guidelines before registering.

League Information: This is a competitive coed league. Games are played with the net at men’s height with no requirement that there be a mix of women and men on any team. 

The team contact person may submit roster information on behalf of his/her teammates but each team member (or their parent/guardian if under age 18) must sign a facility waiver prior to the start of their first game. The minimum age to participate is 15. Each team must roster at least 3 players.                 

If you are a single player in search of a team, contact the league coordinator.

Fees: The team fee of $200.00is due at the time of registration in order for your team to be placed on the game schedule. 

Season dates:

  • Regular season March 11th through May 13th
  • A double elimination tournament will be played on Sunday, May 19th

Schedules:  Game schedules will be sent out by e-mail to the team contact person. Copies will also be available at the YMCA front desk and on the website. A minimum of 3 players must be present at a team’s scheduled game time or it is considered a forfeit.  

Download the league rules here  

PLEASE NOTE: Participation in the league includes use of the facility for scheduled games only and does not extend membership priveledges or allow for use of the facility at other times. Please see information on our visitor policy here